West Valley Water District

West Valley Water District’s mission is to provide our customers with safe, high quality and reliable water service at a reasonable rate and in a sustainable manner.



Under policy direction from the Board of Directors, the Administration Department plans, directs and oversees District programs, services and resources in accordance with short-and long-range goals, policy statements and directives.

Customer Service

The Customer Service Department handles approximately 21,500 accounts within the communities of Rialto, Colton, Fontana, Bloomington, Riverside and Jurupa Valley. We’re here to help with anything you need, from paying your bill and opening or closing accounts, to account information, water consumption and more.


The Engineering Department is responsible for the management, planning, design, inspection and construction of both Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and Private Development Projects throughout the District.


Finance is responsible for transparently managing the use of the District’s funds and provides a wide variety of external and internal services.


The Purchasing Department is responsible for carrying out the Purchasing Policy, soliciting formal and informal bids, maintaining inventory, managing facilities contracts, processing requisitions and managing purchase orders.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Department facilitates communication between the District and ratepayers, the public, the media, key stakeholders, regulatory agencies, and state and federal elected/appointed officials.

Human Resources and Risk Management

The Human Resources Department ensures the District is compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements of the workplace. In addition, the Human Resources and Risk Management Department ensures our employees receive the best benefits and are provided with a healthy and happy workplace.


Day in and day out, the dedicated professionals of our operations team work hard to run, maintain and make necessary improvements to the District’s infrastructure, facilities and equipment.

Cross-Connection / Backflow Prevention

West Valley Water District currently maintains a Cross-Connection Control program under Title 17 of the State of California Administrative Code. West Valley Water District requires the annual testing and maintenance of all currently installed backflow devices.


Maintenance staff works in many areas and is always there for emergencies. Maintenance staff works on capital and daily maintenance projects.

Meter Service

The Meter Service Department is responsible for reading, installing and replacing meters, as well as responding to service requests.


The Production Department oversees operation of West Valley Water District water sources, operation and maintenance of the District’s fleet of emergency standby power generators, and construction, installation, testing, calibration, maintenance and repair of electrical systems and process control instrumentation systems.

Water Use Efficiency

As part of our commitment to water-use efficiency and conservation, we’re pleased to help our customers save water. Learn more about our conservation kits, rebates, and other resources to help you use water wisely.

Water Quality

District staff routinely sample for water quality and compliance with these standards and regulations. The District has always met these standards.

Water Treatment

West Valley Water District made environmental clean-up history with the development and implementation of a specialized water treatment plant that attacks and breaks apart perchlorate, a harmful water pollutant discovered in 1997.

Business Systems/IT

The Business Systems/Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for the effective and efficient integration of technology into the District’s business practices and procedures.