Under new leadership, the West Valley Water District (WVWD) is committed to transparency, accountability and regaining public trust. While the Water District acknowledges past missteps, we also understand that ratepayers deserve more than a set of allegations. Our ratepayers deserve balanced media coverage that reports on both bad actors and honest reforms. To this end, the WVWD will provide comments and corrections that will help provide a balanced narrative.


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February 28, 2020: “Embattled Rialto Water District Awards Contracts to Friends of Board President”


February 14, 2020: “These Two Secretaries Blew the Whistle on Suspected Corruption in Rialto Water District”


January 22, 2020: “Former CFO Sues Embattled Rialto Water District A Second Time”


January 15, 2020: “Workers Say 10 Employees Hired by Rialto Water District Manager Were Unqualified, Especially This One”