Drought Update and Water Use Efficiency Guidelines

June 2, 2022
Dear Valued Ratepayer,
As your trusted water service provider, West Valley Water District (WVWD) is committed to providing you with safe and high-quality water whenever you turn on the tap. With the guidance and support of our board of directors, we invested in the maintenance and improvement of critical infrastructure and technology throughout the region. These investments ensure that your water supply will remain available and plentiful now and years into the future. This also means that while most of California is currently experiencing a drought and its effects, WVWD is well-prepared for it.
Recently, the State of California directed several water agencies to restrict water usage due to worsening drought conditions that severely limits water supplies. WVWD customers are not subject to these restrictions. Despite this directive, we still encourage all of our ratepayers in the Inland Empire and surrounding communities to do their part to help combat water waste by limiting outdoor watering, loads of laundry, faucet use, showers, dishwashing, toilet flushing, etc.
As a preventive measure to combat drought issues, the WVWD Board of Directors voted to adopt stage two of our Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP) in 2016. The WSCP is a strategic plan that helps WVWD prepares for and respond to foreseeable and unforeseeable water shortages. Under our board-adopted WSCP, our current stage requires that:
• all ratepayers limit any landscape irrigation to four days per week and no more than 10 minutes per station per day (water-efficient devices are exempt).
• all ratepayers repair all leaks within 72 hours of notification by WVWD unless other arrangements are made with the general manager.
• if a hotel or motel, provide guests with the option not to have towels and linens washed daily through signage in each guest room.
• if a restaurant, bar, or any other place where food and drink are served and/or purchased, water cannot be served to customers unless requested.
• all ratepayers secure a permit for using water for compaction, dust control or other types of construction as determined by the general manager or his/her designee.
• all ratepayers not irrigate any landscaping during or within 48 hours following any measurable precipitation.
At this time, we are not requiring ratepayers to take any actions beyond these measures, which are already in place. For more information on how to conserve water or take advantage of our water-saving rebate programs, please visit www.wvwd.org/conservation or call our customer service department at 909-875-1804.
To view West Valley Water District’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan, click here.