Why does my water appear milky or cloudy?


At West Valley Water District, we strive to continue providing our ratepayers with safe, high quality and reliable water which is tested by our certified water professionals weekly. During the summer months, you may notice your tap water may seem “cloudy” or “milky.” After a few seconds of it sitting, it clears up. This condition is known as “entrained air.” Entrained air is harmless and is caused by high water usage and not having enough time for the air or tiny bubbles to dissipate due to the water demand in summer months. Sometimes the air comes back out of the water in the form of many tiny bubbles, giving the water a “milky” appearance.


If your tap water is “milky” and you want to confirm whether or not you are experiencing entrained air, rinse out a clear glass twice and then fill it with cold tap water. After a few moments, the water should begin to clear from the bottom of the glass to the top as the bubbles rise to the surface. This is a completely natural occurrence and is harmless.


If your water does not clear after 5 minutes, please contact our customer service department at (909) 875-1804 and we will be happy to assist you.


For more information, please visit the U.S. Geological Survey.